Friday, November 21, 2014

Even Gamers Should Wear Pants

I didn't get my pants on today until about 2 PM. I couldn't help feeling shame and wondering why it took me so long to dawn my trousers. The night before held a small victory for me from the act of uninstalling League of Legends which I had been committing too much time into. But then this morning and last night I still spent the same amount of time playing a different game. Tower defense games are all over the internet. The worse part is I actually care about League of Legends and don't care anything about tower defense games. I'm not here to discuss gaming or internet addiction though. The thought of the day is about discipline.

I believe it's generally accepted that one cannot begin a productive day until suitable clothes have been selected and at the least placed on the body. Even if I put my shirt on inside out and my fly is down I think I still get credit for wearing clothes. But without putting on pants I effectively didn't show up to my day. And here's where I'm connecting pants to discipline. Discipline, at the least, is showing up every time even when you don't want to. Discipline is not the same as quality or skill.

So let's see if I can tie all of this together. If I wake up and play League of Legends without pants on, I have just exhibited a lack of discipline in the life skill of beginning my day. Discipline is showing up. If I wake up and do the things that I should do in the morning which at least includes putting on my pants, and then play games until 2 PM, well then I still showed up and that's at least a start. Just think of a musician showing up to a gig and playing poorly versus not showing up at all. Ones better right? Shit; bad example.

Well here is the point. I need to learn discipline in beginning my day before I can even attempt discipline in other areas such as time management. If I don't get my pants on then I haven't even started my day and the next day becomes that much more difficult to manage because I've fallen out of practice. If I at least get my pants on then playing games becomes part of my poorly managed day.